A truly wonderful weekend of dancing at the National Finals in Blackpool. Everyone pulled out all the stops and danced their hearts out with some excellent results.3rd place for the Juvenile Giants3rd place for the Junior Rebels6th Place for the All Ladies Showgirls team in Div I7th Place for the Adult DudesDavid and Carol won the Over 50's. Congratulations especially as David has now retired from Supadance, what a way to go out.Olivia and Annabel won the Jive and placed in all the finals. Congratulations to you, well deserved.
A wonderful day of excellent dancing at Wythenshawe.  Lots of trophies won and 1st places.Congratulations on double wins in the Ballroom and Latin events for Rhys, Neiva, Amelie and Richard.!st Place in Ballroom and 2nd in Latin for Lyla and Michelle.India got 2nd place in both divisions along with Paige who took 2nd place in both just ahead of Lucy dancing in the Bars for the first time, well done.Molly danced up in Bronze and took a 2nd in Ballroom and a 3rd in Latin, well done.Ruby took 2nd place in Jive, excellent result, well done.Sade received a 4th and a 5th, Annabella got 5th and 6th place and Shania received 6th place in both.Demi danced really well, a big improvement, well done. Keep working hard for next time. 
A wonderful result for the All Ladies team who placed 3rd overall in the County North West Div I.  This is result of excellent team commitment and hard work. Well done.The Junior Rebels placed 8th which was a little disappointing as they have all improved on their dancing, keep up the hard work.The Over 35 team placed 7th overall.  This was a disappointing result as we were joint 1st place at the start of the year.  This result lets you see how important dancing all the matches is, it makes a big difference to the results when you have to forfeit a match. Hopefully at the finals we will have a great result.A huge congratulations to Olivia and Annabel in winning the All Lady Div I Ballroom. A well deserved win.
An excellent day of dancing at the Div II match on Sunday.  Very proud of the Juvenile team who placed in 2nd position only 4 points behind the winners in the 2018 North West area Championship.  Congratulations on your hard work this year.Well done to the Junior Jets who placed 6th in the area and the adult team who placed 5th.
I was extremely pleased and proud of the Stardust dancers at the Div I match.  The junior team pulled out all the stops and placed 7th overall which I thought they could have placed a lot higher.Well done to Ada and Isabelle on making the final in the Ballroom placing 7th.Excellent dancing from Ella and Michelle in the toughest event, the All Ladies.The standard in the over 50's is getting higher every time so well done to David and Carol on making the Semi in the Ballroom and Geoff and Debbie in the Latin.
Excellent dancing at Supadance Div II, everyone danced their hearts out, well done.Congratulations to the Juvenile Giants team who won 1st place in the team match.Juvenile Giants - 1stJunior Jets - 4thAdult All Stars - 4th
A great day of dancing at Wythenshawe with everyone dancing their hearts out and some excellent results.Molly, Annabel and Richard all had double wins, taking 1st place in both Ballroom and Latin. Congratulations.Well done to Annabella, Neiva and Jessica on their first medallist competition. Neiva placing 2nd in Q/S and 5th in Cha Cha. Jessica 3rd and 4th.Little Lucy won her Cha Cha as did Rhys who also won his Q/S.Shania placed 3rd in Cha.India won her Samba Placing 2nd in Q/S.Amelie won her Q/S and placed 3rd in Samba.Ruby Placed 6th and 5th in Samba.Sade placed 4th in Q/S.Lucy placed 3rd and 4th in silver/Gold in the 12-13 years with Cerian placing 2nd in Ballroom and 5th in Latin in the over 16.Well done to Paige who danced in the under 15 and took 4th in Ballroom and 3rd in Latin against Tiegan who took 3rd in Ballroom and 4th in Latin. 
A fantastic day of dancing at Wythenshawe. A noted improvement especially with the Juveniles. Martha and Demi big improvement on the last competition, well done. The biggest improvement for me was Amelie, her and Ava danced really well.  A great result for Sebastian and Faith, 2nd in both Ballroom and Latin. Well done.Excellent result from Ada and Isabelle and Ella and Rosie. Well done.Well done to David and Carol with a win for the them in the Ballroom also Annabel and Olivia winning the Latin. Big improvement in the Rumba for Richard and Liz, well done for making both finals also Andy and Anne.Juvenile Giants - 8thAll Ladies Showgirls - 4thOver 35's Chiefs - 7th
Junior Rebels 8thAll Ladies 2ndWell done to everyone dancing. The latin looked especially strong. Congratulations to Ella on her first Supadance match. You and Michelle looked great out there, well done to you both, Michelle held her own against the All Lady couples.
Another great day of dancing at Medallist. Well done to Shania, Ruby, Isabelle and Liz who competed for the first time.Great results in the Ballroom with Rhys, India, Richard and Michelle all taking first place. Michelle also winning the Latin.Amelie, Lucy, Isabelle, Cerian, Tiegan, Annabel all placed 2nd in the Ballroom with Annabel placing 2nd in the Latin as well along, with 2nd place for Rhys, India and Richard.Molly placed 3rd in Ballroom and 4th in Latin.Ruby's first medallist saw her placing 5th in both.Sade placed 4th in both as did David who placed 5th in both.Excellent result for Paige coming 3rd in ballroom and 6th in Latin against Teigan who came 2nd and 4th.Well done everyone. We had fun dancing with you. Here's to September.
A fantastic day of dancing with great results at Medallist in Wythenshawe. It was great to see new faces competing this time especially Rhys who won both Quickstep and Cha Cha and Sebastian who won the Quickstep and placed 3rd in the Samba, excellent.We had lots of dancers in the under 5's. Disappointed for Charlotte as she danced beautifully and didn't place, hopefully next time. Lydia came 5th in both Ballroom and Latin with Lucy 2nd in the Cha Cha and Lily taking 6th place in the Quickstep.India won the 6 years Quickstep and came 2nd in Samba. Well done.Amelie won the 7 years Quickstep and came 4th in Samba. Well done.Lyla placed 6th in Ballroom and danced like a professional, she should have been in the final in the Latin.Molly's first Medallist taking 4th in Quickstep and 3rd in Samba. Excellent result.Sade came 6th in both her events. Well done.Mollie made the final in both her events in Bronze and came 6th. Excellent for her first medallist.Lucy came 3rd in both her events after moving up a division. Well done.Ella placed 2nd in Waltz and 3rd in Cha Cha. Great result.Paige placed 3rd in Ballroom and 2nd in Latin. Fantastic as she has moved up and is dancing against 15 year old's.Tiegan won both her events and looked stunning in her new dresses.Cerian placed 4th in both her events. I thought she could have placed higher in Latin, she was great.Annabel who is always wonderful placed 5th and 2nd in her Latin. Excellent.Val danced great and made both finals placing 5th in both. Well done.Richard was fantastic placing 3rd in Tango and 2nd in Samba.Andy came 3rd in Ballroom and 2nd in Latin. Well danced.Michelle won both her events. Congratulations.  
Congratulations to the All Ladies team who won the title for the 3rd year on the run.  Fantastic dancing from beautiful young ladies.Juvenile Nashville Gems made the final taking 7th place out of 19 teams. A fantastic result.  Well done.Junior Chicago Rebels made the final and took 6th place.  The competition was tough and they danced their hearts out, little unlucky not to finish higher. Great dancing from all the girls.Over 35's Kansas City Chiefs made the final and placed 7th.  This was an excellent result, well done. 
A great day of dancing at Wythenshawe with some excellent results and lots of first places.  Well done to the new students who competed for the first time. Lily Tillke, Angel Cope. Cerian Marsden who took 1st place in both Ballroom and Latin, Anne-Marie Clough and Val Wilkinson.5 & UnderCharlotte Garwood 3rd & 6thLily Tillke 5th & 4thIndia Cassinelli 1st place in both6 Years - Angel Cope 2nd in both7 Years - Amelie Ankers 1st  & 7th8 Years - Lyla Garwood 2nd & 1st9 Years - Sade Cunnane 4th & 3rdLady Over 45 - Val Wilkinson 7th & 8thAnne-Marie Clough - 3rd & 5thBRONZE12/13 Lucy Knowles - 2nd & 1stSILVER/GOLD11 & Under - Paige Newton 1st in both14/15 Tiegan Buxton 3rd in bothCerian Marsden 1st in bothBARS & ABOVE15 & Under - Naomi Haggart 2nd in both16-20 - Annabel Tordoff 1st in both36 & Over - David Swanston 1st in both  
All Ladies - 1st PlaceJunior Rebals - 3rd PlaceDiv I Over 35's - 3rd Place
A high standard at the Div I match in Wallasey. Everyone danced well.  A huge thank you to Sade and Melissa who danced in the Juvenile team, you were both fabulous.  Well done to Lauren and Mollie who came 3rd in the final in a tough ballroom division.Our Over 35's team looked so professional and made me very proud.I am waiting on the results.
A great team spirit at the Div II match resulting in the Junior Rebals placing 3rd and the Jets 5th.A huge thank you and well done to Jennifer and Rosie dancing, together also Molly and Jessica which meant we didn't have to forfeit the teams. It is lovely to see students dancing with each other and supporting the teams.A fantastic result for the All Ladies with 1st place.
A great day of dancing and a big improvement in the latin.  Well done to Amy who partnered Richard in her first competition since being in the formation team a long time ago.Congratulations to Geoff and Debbie who were runner up in the Over 50's ballroom event also Mike and Debbie who came away with two 3rd place's.David and Carol got a 6th place in the ballroom with Andy and Michelle coming 7th in the over 35.Well done to Paige and Tia coming 5th in the Juvenile ballroom.In the B division well done to Molly and Mia placing 2nd with Molly and Ruby 5th in the ballroom.In the juniors Ella and Rosie placed 4th.In the latin B division, Molly and Mia came 3rd, Kitty and Molly placed 4th.Junior section, Naomi and N'Jay were 3rd, Lucy and Nicole were 4th with Harriet and Isabelle 6th.Hannah and Amelia placed 4th in the All Ladies and Andy and Michelle 2nd in Over 35's.The next match is 24th September in Nantwich.
A great day of dancing from everyone at the Supadance match.  Big improvements in the Latin.  Well done to Melissa who stepped in to dance with Jennifer and also partnered Lyla in the Juvenile team.Well done to Molly and Mia on their win in the Juvenile B Latin Division, this was a great achievement as they have only been dancing a few months. Congratulations to Nicole and Lucy who won the Junior B Latin Division.Keep working hard for the next match which will run the same way on 25th June.
An excellent day of dancing at Wythenshawe.  Well done to Lucy Garlick and Faith Worden on their first competitions, they both danced their hearts out.  There were a lot of first timers at this event including Michelle Heap who was placed 2nd and Ella Hargreaves who placed 4th in the Ballroom. Angel Cope also danced her first competition and came away with a 5th in Ballroom and a 4th in Latin.
  • Angel Cope  5th & 4th
  • Sade Cunnane  7th & 4th
  • Debbie Booth  4th & 6th
  • Richard Warren  2nd in both
  • Lucy Knowles  3rd in Samba
  • Ella Hargreaves  4th in Quickstep
  • Michelle Heap  2nd in both
  • Paige Newton  2nd in both
  • Naomi Haggart  2nd in Foxtrot & 3rd in Rumba
  • Phoebe Haggart  6th & 7th
  • Carol Michaelson-Yeates  3rd & 1st
  • Michelle Howard  1st in Ballroom
  • Andy Howard  3rd in Ballroom
  • David Swanston  4th & 2nd
A great day of dancing at Wythenshawe. Well done to the new couples who did really well for their first competition, Molly and Mia who got into the A division in the individual competitions and Grace and Sophie who danced their hearts out.
  • The Juvenile and Junior teams did not place in the top 7
  • All Ladies Las Vegas Showgirls placed 4th
  • Adult Atlanta All Stars placed 7th
  • Over 35's Kansas City Chiefs placed 2nd
  • Well danced by everyone
An excellent day of dancing with fantastic results from Wythenshawe. Congratulations to Richard coming away with a first place in the Ballroom and the Latin, well done.A great result for Amelie who won the ballroom and runner up in the latin.Excellent dancing from Annabel as always, this time dancing with Olivia who was a fantastic partner.Well done to Michelle winning the Latin with runner up in the ballroom. Well done to David who I always enjoy dancing with!
  • Amelie  B-1st  & L-2nd
  • Emily   B-6th
  • Demi   B-5th  & L-4th
  • Lauren  5th in both
  • Lucy  B-4th & L-5th
  • Paige  4th in both
  • Naomi  2nd in both
  • Annabel B-2nd & L-5th
  • Richard 1st in both
  • Anna semi final in both
  • Michelle B-2nd & L-1st
  • Andy B-3rd & 2nd
  • David B-5th & L3rd
Division IIStardust Showgirls - 1st out of 7 teams...Stardust Chiefs - 2nd out of 12 teams...Stardust Dudes - 5th out of 11 teams...Stardust Jets - 5th out of 11 teams...Stardust Gems - 8th out of 12 teams...Division I...Stardust Rebels - 8th out of 15 teams...Competitions...Olivia & Annabel - 5th All Girl Junior Latin...Hannah & Amelia - 4th Adult Div II Samba...Andy & Michelle - 2nd Over 35 Div II Tango...David & Ann - 5th Over 50 Div II Foxtrot...Semi Finals for Sebastian & Lyla... Kitty & Molly... Lauren & Mollie... Harriet & Isabelle... Grace & Alice... Geoff & Debbie... Mike & Michelle
Ballroom Results
  • Amelie - 3rd
  • Lucy - 3rd
  • Paige - 4th
  • Kate - 4th
  • Annabel - 2nd
  • Richard - 1st
  • Anna - 4th
  • Debbie - 2nd
  • Michelle - 3rd
  • Andy - 1st
  • David - 5th
Latin Results  
  • Amelie - 6th
  • Lucy - 2nd
  • Paige - 4th
  • Kate - 5th
  • Annabel - 3rd
  • Richard - 2nd
  • Anna - 3rd
  • Debbie - 4th
  • Michelle - 1st
  • Andy - 1st
  • David - 5th
  • Junior 2nd Place in the County league
A fantastic day of dancing at Huddersfield.  Everyone picked up a prize including lots of 1st places.  We had a lot of fun dancing in the Solo and Synchronised competition, well done to everyone who got up and had a go.  Huge congratulations to Liz Haggart who just decided to enter with David and got a prize, well done.The next medallist competition is 20th November at Wythenshawe, get practising as this will be a busy one.
  • Juniors 3rd in the Northern County Supadance league
  • Juveniles would have placed 4th but had to forfeit.
  • Juniors 5th
  • All Ladies 4th
  • Paige Newton 1st Place in Ballroom
  • Kate Ryan 6th Place in Latin
  • Annabel Tordoff 3rd Place in Ballroom and Latin
  • Carol Michaelson-Yeates 4th Place in Latin
  • David Swanston 3rd Place in Ballroom and Latin
  • Michelle Howard 4th Place in Ballroom and Latin
  • Andy Howard 1st Place in Ballroom and Latin
  • Juveniles - 5th
  • Juniors - 3rd
  • Juveniles - 2nd
  • Juniors - 2nd
  • All Ladies - 5th
  • Over 35s - 4th
  • Junior - 5th
  • All Ladies - 5th
  • Juvenile - 2nd